About Me

Hi, I’m Chrishna and Fitness is my passion.

And, treadmill is my most favorite go to cardio equipment as I don’t have to waste my time going outside to a nearest park or join a gym center.

I can simply do my workouts anytime I wake up or when I have free time at home.

My Journey into Fitness

Three years ago, I was a unhappy soul with excess body fat ruining my life to the core.

I tried to join a local gym and subscribed to their expensive membership too.

Unfortunately, after a few lazy sessions, I skipped going to the gym because a lot of time is being wasted in traveling to/from the gym.

And, I was actually doing only one cardio workout in the gym i.e., running on the treadmill for 30 minutes.

Aerofit treadmill for home use
My first treadmill machine (sold it)

Then, one day it strike me – Why not invest in a good treadmill for home instead of wasting it on monthly gym subscription?

Though it is a bulk investment when compared to monthly gym fees, it really gave me amazing results in terms of my overall health improvement in addition to fat loss.

My first treadmill was an Aerofit motorized treadmill, which I have recently sold and upgraded to the Powermax Fitness TDA 350, which comes with more advanced features like auto incline and high power DC motor.

Now, I am in total love with my treadmill and never skip a day of running on that beautiful beast.

Powermax Fitness TDA 350 Treadmill
My current treadmill

Why I Started this Blog?

One day when I met an old friend of mine, he immediately asked about how I lost so much of weight and I explained him about my experience with running on the home treadmill.

He was very impressed and asked me to suggest a good treadmill for him too.

It was then I thought why not blog about my experiences and review new treadmill models so that many more people would get benefited.

And that is how this blog (TreadmillFit.com) is started.

How I Review the Treadmills?

As of now, I am testing out new models from my local sports retailers, or in some situations, buy and sell them new or second hand so that I can review them personally.

I then put together all my findings into a new guide along with pros and cons so that you can pick the right one that suits your requirements and budget.

I am trying to review only the most popular models in India right now.

I will also be receiving a small commission from the online sales (with no additional cost to you).

I am using these commissions to help cover the expenses of website hosting, treadmill purchases and other miscellaneous expenses to run the blog.

Hope you get benefited from my blog and I wish you a fit and healthy life.